Membership Committee


To strengthen and support the current USDF membership base, while promoting USDF membership to all dressage enthusiasts.


  1. Improve membership retention through enhanced member satisfaction.
  2. Identify, communicate, and address the needs of each membership category by utilizing tools such as surveys.
  3. Increase member participation in competitions and education programs.
  4. Encourage membership renewal by increasing the awareness of the value of USDF membership.


  1. Continue to improve communications between USDF and the membership.
  2. Identify one key area highlighted during the 2013 membership satisfaction survey and develop a program or communication strategy that will address the identified need, thus improving membership satisfaction. The demonstration of the improvement will occur by implementing a very short (less than three questions) online pre-implementation survey, and after completion of the program/communication strategy, a post-survey will be initiated measuring whether a positive change resulted.
  3. Make competitors aware of the competition evaluation form, encouraging the use of the form to provide feedback and to help bring awareness to areas that need improvement.
  4. Provide feedback to other committees, as requested, in regards to initiatives that affect membership.


Chair (7) Paula K Langan(831) 659-5696 / (831) 659-2383
Liaison (2) Melissa A Schoedlbauer(859) 971-7040 / (859) 971-7722
Member (2) Kevin Bradbury(734) 426-2111 / (734) 426-3111
Member (2) Kenneth Dale Levy(317) 373-9589 / () -
Member (3) Lynn Palm(352) 629-3310 / (906) 932-6050
Member (4) Anne Sushko(563) 580-0510 / () -
Member (6) Kathryn E Lewis(206) 356-1835 / () -
Member (9) Leslie Jean Rohrer(713) 523-0613 / () -