Awards Committee


To encourage participation in dressage by recognizing excellence and rewarding progressive achievement.


  1. Organize and provide awards for Horse of the Year, Freestyle, Junior/Young Rider, Adult Amateur, Vintage Cup, All-Breeds, performance certificates, individual rider awards, DSHB Horse of the Year and Materiale Horse of the Year.
  2. Review existing awards requirements and programs.


  1. Finalize design and draft proposal for an additional award per level in the Horse Performance Certificate Program.
  2. Draft proposals for a national level and FEI level Born in the USA Year-End Award perpetual trophy.
  3. Generate online tutorials of relevant USDF Awards Program subject matter.
  4. Explore opportunities to promote USDF Awards Programs.
  5. Evaluate additional award options for senior riders.
  6. Examine possible award options for year-end award champion riders.
  7. Review and evaluate any possible changes to the current awards program’s requirements and prizes.
  8. Confirm award requirements provided in the USDF Member Guide are clear and up to date.