USEF Rule Changes

As part of our ongoing effort to educate members, USDF is dedicated to making this rule page a resource for information on new rules, the rule proposal process, approval process, and other helpful information regarding rules affecting dressage.

You can view rule changes that are approved by the US Equestrian Board of Directors during their meetings. Click here for a summary of approved rule changes that are DR specific. The complete USEF Rulebook can be found here.

There are a number of rule change proposals that are in “draft” form and still in the discussion phase. These will be discussed during the USEF/USDF Open Forum at the USDF Annual Convention. Click here for a complete list of pending rule changes. You may also provide feedback directly to USDF here.

Below are active rule change proposals. Feedback may be provided to USDF by clicking “Feedback” on each specific rule change.

Tracking # Rule Reference Rule Description View Proposal Provide Feedback
135-19 GR315 Mileage Exemption Mileage exemption View Feedback
112-19 GR315.4 Mileage Exemption Mileage exemption View Feedback
128-19 GR411 Conditions For Therapeutic Administrations of Prohibited Substances Therapeutic administration of prohibited substances View Feedback
127-19 GR414 Prohibited Practices Bisphosphonates View Feedback
124-19 GR702.1 Violations Violations View Feedback
137-19 GR801 Dress Competition Numbers View Feedback
113-19 GR821.2 Opportunity Classes Opportunity classes- Dressage View Feedback
126-19 GR846 Accident Preparedness Plan Isolation protocol View Feedback
146-19 GR10 Duties Duties View Feedback
049-19 GR1004.1 General General rules View Feedback
115-19 GR1034.4 Stewards and Technical Delegates Stewards and Technical Delegates View Feedback
125-19 GR1202 Manager SafeSport training View Feedback
058-19 DR119.2 DR119.2 Equivalent tests View Feedback
141-19 DR121.7 Saddlery and Equipment Ear muffs View Feedback
027-19 DR122 Execution and Judging of Tests View Feedback

The complete list of all approved and current active proposed USEF rules changes can be viewed on the USEF website through the link below.  Questions regarding USEF rules can be directed here.

Active USEF Rule Changes