USEF Rule Change Proposals

As part of our ongoing effort to educate members, USDF is dedicated to making this rule page a resource for information on new rules, the rule proposal process, approval process, and other helpful information regarding rules affecting dressage.

All USDF members are encouraged to review active rule change proposals below and provide feedback in the form provided. Feedback will be considered by the USEF Dressage Committee during the USEF Rule Change Forum being held on Thursday December 1st, during the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention. Members are also encouraged to contact your PM or GM Delegates and encourage them to attend any relevant meetings, or forums, that are held during the convention.

For a complete list of USEF active rule change proposals, click here. Questions regarding USEF rules can be directed here.

Below is a list of active rule change proposals that have been approved by the USEF Dressage Committee, and will be submitted to the USEF Board of Directors for approval. Click on the description for details of the rule change and add your comments and feedback to the USEF Dressage Committee below:

Tracking #Rule ReferenceDescription
136-17DR 112.5Execution and Judging of Tests
135-17DR 117.4The Position And Aids Of The Rider
147-17DR 119Participation In Dressage Competitions
146-17DR 119.1Participation In Dressage Competitions
137-17DR 119.4Participation In Dressage Competitions
142-17DR 120.1Dress
140-17DR 120.3Dress
148-17DR 121Saddlery And Equipment
355-17DR 121 Saddlery And Equipment
139-17DR 121Saddlery And Equipment
143-17DR 121.4Saddlery And Equipment
149-17DR 121.7Saddlery And Equipment - Red Ribbon
150-17DR 122.13Execution And Judging Of Tests
151-17DR 123Individual Classification
141-17DR 123.2Scoring, Classification And Prize-Giving
287-17DR 125.4Technical Delegate
144-17DR 126.1Requirements For Dressage Competition Management
207-17DR 127.2Owner
152-17DR 128.4National Championships
138-17DR 129.6Musical Freestyle Ride
273-17DR 138Para Dressage
266-17GR 1302.2Professionals - Participation Requirements
211-17GR 1316.4Helmets In Rider Fall

Member Feedback

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135-17 DR 117.4 The Position And Aids Of The Rider

Thank you for allowing riders to pat their horses! I support this rule change!

266-17 GR 1302.2 Professionals - Participation Requirements

If you intend to make these requirements mandatory, they need to be sponsored by the usef, and usdf, as part of the "professional" status membership. I believe to burden trainer's with yet more fees and costs of time lost to do these proposed classes is unfair and unrealistic. More trainer's will become certified if it is easily attainable. If these classes are not provided free of cost to trainers, I am completely against the rule change.

I am OPPOSED to this rule change. Catherine Mee, USDF 103105 USEF 4895023

I already had to do the Safe Sport Training as a Faculty Member of USDF Certified Instructor's Training Program. Adding these other pieces will put off a number of aspiring instructor's I'm afraid.

I am totally against this rule change! And I am assuming there will probably be yet another fee assessed to that?? And is this "Safe Sport" training because it has been proven that the lack of knowledge professionals have has caused major accidents or deaths in dressage warm up arenas?? There is no body of evidence that shows there is a problem we need to address by making professionals jump through even MORE hoops with this ridiculous rule change, IMO. Nancy Roché, USDF 1947, USEF 4742168

I am also opposed to this rule. I see no reason that a coach needs to go through these courses, especially when coaching ADULT riders. I actually started the courses (since I'm an L Grad) and found them to be useless - much more relevant to someone who coaches youth soccer then adults riding horses. Please don't put unnecessary burdens on our trainers and coaches. Focus on important aspects to our sport.

211-17 GR 1316.4 Helmets In Rider Fall

I have several good helmets in my trailer and would be very unhappy to have to "show proof of purchase" of a new one rather than just use one of the ones I already own.

If you want to have a rule that requires a rider to CHANGE helmets after a fall on the head, that is fine, but requiring them to BUY a new helmet is not fair. Many of us keep a spare helmet in our trailers for exactly this reason - why should we be forced to buy a helmet from a show vendor? Perhaps a helmet that doesn't even fit right, simply to continue in the competition. And what if there are no helmets available for sale at the show? Is the rider automatically eliminated from the rest of the show, even though they have a spare helmet in their trailer (or someone offers to loan them a spare)?.