In 1996, the USDF Hall of Fame was established, with the induction of USDF's founding father Lowell Boomer. The Hall continually grows with each new induction as we learn to appreciate more about the wonderful contributions that people and horses make to the sport of dressage.

The USDF Hall of Fame was established to honor and preserve the achievements of the people and horses that made outstanding contributions to the growth, development, quality, popularity and appreciation of dressage in the United States.

Name Year
Gary Rockwell 2020
Dr. Hilary Clayton 2020
Verdades 2020
Axel Steiner 2019
Jane Savoie 2019
Lilo Fore 2017
Lilian Wittmack Roye 2016
Rocher 2016
Anne Gribbons 2013
Charles de Kunffy 2013
Ravel 2012
Michael Poulin 2012
Lendon Gray 2011
Brentina 2009
Linda Zang 2009
Robert Dover 2008
Fiona Baan 2008
Major General Jonathan Burton 2007
Hilda Gurney 2007
Edgar Hotz 2007
Sarah Sally Swift 2006
Roemer 2006
Major Robert Borg 2006
Seldom Seen 2005
Captain Andrew Bela de Szinay 2004
Dr. Max Gahwyler 2004
Margarita Serrell 2003
Karl Mikolka 2003
Major Anders Lindgren 2003
Colonel Hiram Tuttle 2002
Kyra Downton 2002
Ivan Bezugloff, Jr. 2002
Jessica Newberry Ransehousen 2001
Major General Guy V Henry, Jr 2001
Lt Colonel Hans Moeller 2000
Graf George 2000
Captain John Fritz 2000
Colonel Donald Thackeray 1998
Colonel Bengt Ljungquist 1998
Violet Hopkins 1998
Keen 1997
Chuck Grant 1997
Gifted 1997
Lowell Boomer 1996

The following Lifetime Achievement Award winners, through their unselfish, dedicated efforts represent the many ways in which USDF has been served, supported, and influenced into becoming what it is today.

Name Year
Fern Feldman 2019
Samuel Barish 2016
Lloyd Landkamer 2015
Maryal Barnett 2014
Janine Malone 2014
Marilyn Heath 2013
Judith Noone 2010
John "Jack" Kimball 2010
Ellin Dixon Miller 2007
Col. Clarence Edmonds 2005
Kay Meredith 2004
Marianne Ludwig 2003
Peter Lert 2003
Elizabeth "Liz" Searle 2002
Lazelle Knocke 2002

The USDF Member of Distinction is a prestigious national award that annually recognizes one USDF member who has demonstrated exceptional commitment in his or her local area or region toward carrying out USDF's mission: "dedicated to education, the recognition of achievement, and the promotion of dressage"; or who demonstrates longevity of excellence in the sport of dressage and who has made outstanding contributions to the growth, development, quality, popularity and appreciation of the sport of dressage at a local or regional level.

Name Year
Sue Hughes 2018
Mary Anne McPhail 2018
Martha McDaniel 2018
Priscilla Endicott 2018
Winnie Heiney-Duncan 2017
Lois Heyerdahl 2017
Janne Rumbough 2016