Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination


The purpose of the Lifetime Achievement Award is to recognize long and faithful volunteer service to USDF. Individuals who will be considered for the USDF Lifetime Achievement Award are those who have demonstrated a lifelong dedication to the United States Dressage Federation and its mission as shown by attendance at annual meetings and a long history of membership in USDF. Their dedication to USDF can be evidenced by service as:

  • An officer of USDF
  • A member of the Executive Board
  • A Committee or Council Chair
  • A president of a GMO who influenced the development of dressage in his or her area or who influenced the direction of USDF while serving the GMO
  • A Participating Member Delegate who influenced his or her region or influenced the direction of USDF directly
  • A USDF member who developed, or assisted in the development of, a new project or committee which greatly influenced USDF.

If you would like to nominate someone for the Lifetime Achievement Award, please complete the nomination form. Provide detailed information about the individual and his or her service to USDF. Please send any additional supporting material to Current members of the USDF Executive Board and staff are not eligible for nomination.


  • Nominations may be made by any current USDF Participating Member or Group Member.
  • Current members of the USDF Executive Board and staff are not eligible for nomination.
  • USDF staff or members of the USDF Historical Recognition Committee may contact you for additional information or media.
  • A nomination may be moved to an appropriate award category, within the Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement Award and Member of Distinction nominations, at the discretion of the USDF Historical Recognition Committee.


Deadline for nominations is May 1. All nominations received after May 1 of the current year will be considered for the following year.

Nomination Form


Nominating Member

Please list positions held in USDF (provide years of service if possible). These may include but are not limited to: USDF Officer, Regional Director, Committee or Council Chair, Committee or Council Member, Positions in GMO, Participating Member Delegate.

Describe nominee's activities that have materially contributed to carrying out USDF's mission, including the development of programs, projects or innovative concepts. Include links to articles or websites to support your nomination.

* Entry is required