Earning University Credits and Recognition; Search for Transcripts and Certificates

There are several ways to earn USDF education credits including attending USDF events, USDF University accredited events hosted by GMOs and individuals and completing online courses. USDF University Certificate recognition is based on earned education credits over time and need not be earned in the same year. All awards are calculated after September 30 of each year.

Recognition LevelCredits Required





Bronze Diploma


Silver Diploma


Gold Diploma


Platinum Diploma


Diamond Diploma


Transcript Search
View a list of all USDF University Accredited programs you have attended and how many credits you have earned
Print My Certificate
Print additional copies of certificates and Diplomas earned through the USDF University Program. Certificates may not be available for printing until the end of the awards year after September 30.
Certificate Recipients
A list of all members who have earned USDF Certificates and Diplomas

If you attended a USDF University Accredited program hosted by a GMO or individual, but did not sign up for credit on-site, fill out the Credit Request Form and send it to USDF.

For some USDF programs, participants and auditors may earn credits differently.


  • 4 credits per 2 days of attendance
  • 2 credits per 1 days of attendance


  • 1 credit per 1 day of attendance

In all University Accredited events hosted by GMOs or individuals, participants and auditors receive the same credit for attendance.

  • .5 credits per 4 hours of attendance
  • 1 credit per one day of attendance
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