USDF/USEF Accredited Programs

All programs organized by USDF are USDF University Accredited. Attendees will automatically receive USDF University credits upon confirmation of attendance and USDF Membership. USDF programs include:

  • USDF FEI Jr/YR Clinic Series
  • USDF Adult Clinic Series
  • USDF Instructor Workshops
  • USDF L Education Program
  • USDF CE Program for Judges and L Graduates
  • USDF National Symposium
  • USDF Sport Horse Handlers Clinics
  • USDF Sport Horse Seminars
  • USDF Trainers’ Conference
  • USDF/USEF Young Rider Graduate Program

The following programs held during the USDF Annual Convention are USDF University accredited, and attendees who are current members will receive USDF University credits for attending by submission of their education session “credit card”:

  • USDF University Education sessions
  • USDF Apprentice Dressage TD Clinic
  • GMO Education sessions
  • Competition Managers/Secretary Clinic
  • Youth Education session

Additionally, the following USEF Programs will receive USDF University accreditation, and attendees who are current USDF members will receive USDF University credits for attending upon confirmation of attendance by USEF:

  • USEF Judges Forum
  • USEF TD Forum
  • USEF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Judges Forum

If you have any further questions, contact the University Liaison at (859) 971-2277 or

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