USDF is dedicated to providing all of our members with quality education. At the local level, we rely on GMOs to provide programs that meet the needs of members in their area but we continue to expand our online education opportunities and content so that members can have access to quality dressage education. Below are some ways you can get involved in your own education.


This is USDF’s center for online education. The catalog of resources continues to grow and is organized into Learning Tools to save time and guide you to the subjects that most interest you. These Learning Tools include Quick Studies, In Depth Studies and Targeted Studies. Check them out to see which suits you best. Audio, video and articles are available to help you progress along your educational journey at all levels and across many topics.

USDF Podcast

Subscribe to our podcast channel for ongoing education material from top trainers, judges, vets and other professionals. Each week is a little different but always useful for when you are on the go and need something to listen to. This one is free to everyone!

USDF Workshops, Clinics and Programs

Every year USDF hosts many programs across the country for adult amateurs. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend an National Education Initiative event, an instructor/trainer workshop, an L program or an accredited University Program. Visit the USDF Education Calendar for a complete list of educational opportunities.

USDF University

USDF accredits events held by GMOs and other outside organizations, as well as our own programs, for inclusion in our University Program. Through this program adult amateurs can earn credits by attending accredited events and completing online courses for certificate recognition. The education calendar lists all the programs and events, how many credits they are worth and who to contact for more information.

YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get a taste of the videos available on eTRAK. You will be notified when new sample video are posted. This is mostly educational content and is another great way to get access to free educational videos, which include training and competition tips from expert trainers, coaches and judges.

For more information on our educational programs please contact us at education@usdf.org

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