USDF is dedicated to providing all of our members with quality education. At the local level, we rely on GMOs to provide programs that meet the needs of members in their area but we continue to expand our online education opportunities and content so that members can have access to quality dressage education. Below are some ways you can get involved in your own education.

USDF Workshops, Clinics and Programs

USDF hosts numerous programs across the country. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend GMO Education Initiative event, an Instructor/Trainer Workshop, Sport Horse Clinics/Seminars, the L Education Program or an accredited USDF University Program. Visit the USDF Education Calendar and Education Events Map for a complete list of educational opportunities.

USDF University

USDF University offers accreditation for educational events and provides recognition for USDF members who strive to continue their dressage education. Adult amateurs can earn credits by attending accredited events and completing USDF Online Courses for certificate recognition.

USDF Education Calendar
USDF Education Events Map

USDF Education Library

The USDF Education Library is a public resource for online equine education. The Education Library is always available when you are and is designed to provide quality equine education materials and resources in one location.

USDF Online Education

USDF Online Education offers courses to help further your knowledge of dressage with USDF Online Courses, USDF Short Courses by Topic, and Online Courses from Other Providers. Some courses complete USDF program prerequisites and continuing education requirements.

YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to view free educational videos from the country’s top trainers, coaches and judges.

USDF Podcast

Subscribe to our podcast channel for ongoing education material from top trainers, judges, vets and other professionals.

For more information on our educational programs please contact us at education@usdf.org