Group Member Organizations Committee


To accelerate the growth and development of Group Member Organizations (GMOs) to broaden and strengthen the dressage community and increase access to education.


  1. To promote the education of GMO leadership.
  2. To offer support and materials.
  3. To provide a network of others with experience.
  4. To administer the GMO awards.


  1. Continue to promote education and networking among GMO leadership through roundtables, promotion of leadership activities in each region, utilization of Facebook group and the GMOPrez List, and promotion of pre-packaged education materials.
  2. Choose three topics for the 2020 GMO roundtable discussions and secure moderators.
  3. Secure judges for the 2020 GMO Awards Program.
  4. Continue to develop a working formula for a GMO leadership activity in each region.
  5. Review and update GMO award nomination forms to clarify what the judges are looking for in each award category.