Group Member Organizations Committee


To accelerate the growth and development of Group Member Organizations (GMOs) to broaden and strengthen the dressage community and increase access to education.


  1. To promote the education of GMO leadership.
  2. To offer support and materials.
  3. To provide a network of others with experience.
  4. To administer the GMO awards.


  1. Promote the pre-packaged educational materials developed by USDF, for use by GMOs.
  2. Continue to promote active networking within each region.
  3. Promote one GMO president's activity for each region to encourage regional networking.
  4. Encourage GMO officials to utilize the GMOPrez List and the GMO Officials Facebook group.
  5. Encourage GMOs to submit nominations for all GMO awards.
  6. Secure judges for the 2018 GMO Awards Program.
  7. Discuss judge selection process for the GMO Awards Program.
  8. Determine topics and secure moderators for the 2018 GMO roundtable discussions.