Audit Committee


To demonstrate USDF's commitment to a policy of strict fiscal accountability and proper governance by adoption of best practices to improve internal controls and maintain high standards of stewardship.


  1. The Audit Committee shall recommend to the Board of Governors the selection of a qualified independent certified public accounting firm, which upon approval by the Board of Governors, shall conduct an annual certified audit of the financial records of USDF.
  2. Manage the relationship with the independent auditors, review the independent auditors’ findings and management letter and recommend actions to the Executive Board and the Board of Governors as appropriate.
  3. Monitor and oversee USDF’s internal financial controls to ensure quality financial reporting and financial statements at least quarterly.
  4. Review procedures for the receipt, documentation and resolution of complaints received by USDF regarding accounting, internal controls and auditing.
  5. Review and approve USDF procedures to ensure that USDF members and employees have adequate “whistle blower” protection, which shall protect the reporting party from any retaliation for reporting concerns or issues to the Audit Committee.
  6. Investigate all questions and matters of fiscal control including but not limited to budget control, risk management, and financial conflicts of interest.
  7. Report investigation findings and recommendations to the Executive Board and the Board of Governors.
  8. Recommend to the Executive Board and the Board of Governors policies and controls with regard to activities that impact the financial wellbeing of USDF as appropriate.


Establish procedures for receiving complaints, investigating allegations, reporting findings and recommendations to the USDF Executive Board and/or USDF Board of Governors.


Position Region Name & Email Phone Fax
Chair 3 Guilherme Schmidt (952) 941-5099
Liaison 2 Connie Huy (859) 271-7891 (859) 971-7722
Member 2 Elizabeth B Juliano (440) 423-3127
Member 3 Jane Cleveland (615) 533-6742 (561) 793-8734