Training – Fourth Level Recommended Reading List

Required (R) and Strongly Recommended (SR)

Riding | Lungeing | Teaching


  • USDF Training Manual (Classical Training of the Horse) (R) – USDF
  • The Principles of Riding (R) – German National Equestrian Federation
  • Advanced Techniques of Dressage (R) (BEING REISSUED) – German National Equestrian Federation
  • USDF Pyramid of Training (R) – USDF
  • The Gymnasium of the Horse (R) – Gustav Steinbrecht (Also available as an Audio Book)
  • The New Basic Training of the Young Horse (R) – Ingrid & Reiner Klimke
  • Cavalletti for Dressage and Jumping (R) – Ingrid & Reiner Klimke
  • When Two Spines Align (R) – Beth Baumert
  • Balance in Movement: The Seat of the Rider (R) – Suzanne von Dietz (Also available in DVD)
  • Thinking Riding – Books 1 & 2 (R) – Molly Sivewright
  • The Complete Training of Horse and Rider (SR) – Alois Podhajsky
  • The Riding Teacher (SR) – Alois Podhajsky
  • An Anatomy of Riding (SR) – Drs. H. & V. Schusdziarra (Reprinted as Anatomy of Dressage with USDF as the co-publisher)
  • Rider & Horse Back to Back (SR) – Susanne von Dietze
  • Practical Dressage Manual (SR) – Bengt Ljungquist
  • Dressage with Kyra (SR) – Kyra Kyrklund
  • Dressage: A Guidebook for the Road to Success – Alfred Knopfhart
  • The Competitive Edge II – Dr. Max Gahwyler
  • Riding Logic – Wilhelm Müseler
  • 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider – Jec Aristotle Ballou
  • Equine Locomotion – Dr. Willem Back and Dr. Hilary Clayton

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  • Lungeing (R) – German National Equestrian Federation
  • USDF Lungeing Manual (R) – USDF
  • Lungeing and Long Reining – Jenny Loriston-Clark
  • Long Reining (DVD) – Wilfried Gehrmann
  • Schooling Horses in Hand (DVD) – Richard Hinrichs
  • Classical Dressage, part 4 (DVD) – Philippe Karl
  • Lunge and In-Hand Work – Philippe Karl
  • The Art of Classical Dressage (video) part 4: Work in Hand – Authur Kottas

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  • USDF Teaching Manual (R) – USDF
  • Teaching Safe Horsemanship (R) – Jan Dawson
  • Teaching Exercises: A Manual for Instructors and Riders (R) – Major Anders Lindgren
  • Training with Kyra Kyrklund (Video Series, Volume 2: The Rider’s Seat and Balance) (R) – Kyra Kyrklund
  • Dressage Formula (R) – Erik Herbermann
  • The Right Track: Arena Exercises for Riders and Instructors – Sarah Venamore
  • Effective Riding and Teaching: Exploring Balance and Motion – Eckart Meyners
  • Group Lessons - The Instructor’s Handbook – British Horse Society
  • Group Lessons - The Riding Instructor's Handbook – Monty Mortimer

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  • USDF On the Levels, current edition (DVD) – USDF
  • USEF Rulebook (R) – USEF
  • Program for Better Riding: Books 1-5 – Eckart Meyners
  • The Dressage Horse (SR) – Harry Boldt
  • The Art of Horsemanship – Xenophon (Available as Audio Book)
  • USPC Manual of Horsemanship: Intermediate Horsemanship Through C Level – Susan Harris
  • USPC Manual of Horsemanship: Advanced Horsemanship Through B/H-A/A Level – Susan Harris
  • Ecole de Cavalerie (The School of Horsemanship) – F.R. de La Gueriniere


  • Principles of Dressage
  • A Dressage Judges Handbook
  • The Fundamentals of Dressage
  • The Essence of Horsemanship
  • Dressage Tips and Training Solutions
  • Competitive Edge I
  • Lessons on the Lunge
  • Lungeing the Horse and Rider
  • Horses are Made to be Horses
  • Balanced Riding
  • Fit for Riding
  • USDF Dressage Manual

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