Great American Insurance Group/ USDF Regional Championships Qualified Horse & Rider List (Preliminary)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can determine whether you have achieved the necessary scores to enter a regional championship by accessing a list of horse/rider combinations who have earned two “qualifying scores.” All “qualifying scores” must be the average of all judges officiating in a designated Great American/USDF qualifying class, at two different USEF/USDF licensed Dressage Competitions and from two different judges, panel of judges, or combination of judges.

Just select a type, level, and region to access the list. All competitors are personally responsible for knowing and adhering to all USDF and USEF eligibility requirements prior to competing. The requirements for both organizations must be met for both qualifiers and championships. Although USDF uses its best efforts to ensure that the scores are recorded correctly and calculations are accurate, USDF assumes no liability to anyone for any errors, omissions, or changes.

USDF will presume qualified horse/rider combinations will compete in the region in which the rider resides as determined by the address associated with the rider’s membership information on file as of July 1. Riders are NOT required to be a resident of the region to compete in that region’s championship. Riders, who wish to compete at Regional Championships in a region other than their region of residence, must submit a Change of Region Form, and $25 processing fee if done prior to July 1. After July 1, 2017 late fees will apply! Questions?

Type: Adult Amateurs  Freestyle  Open  Junior/Young Rider 

Region: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 

Region 9 States: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas (ex. West Texas) (zip codes of 80000 - 99999)

Region 9 - Open ( Second Level )

Rider NameNumberRider StateHorse NameNumber
Rebekah Wesatzke1435TXGYPSY QUEEN1091939
Kelsey Broecker10473TXOne-Eyed Jack1112390
Mary Mahler26403TXWrenegade GCF1106493
Carolyn Hoekstra28403OKDeacon1106763
Amanda Bailey28494ARAlex BW61113170
Anna Whit Watkins32613TXDraconian Hero HPF1115584
Katie Tharp36207LAFreyja of Riverview1112326
Meghan Markham48978TXByondi1123942
Mimi Benton49989ARWiebekka1080889
Judy Fendley53091MSRollingwoods Easy Choice1109621
Ashley Shaw71706TXBeatrix OPL1118785
Marta Renilla71717TXWEC's Bravo1112028
Andrew Phillips78852TXSomethin' Special1117025
Kalie Beckers102388LAMadoc Mari1102790
Katelyn Kok120162TXCaravaggio1118434
Heidi Abshire120420TXCimarron1110849
Jenny Moore139837TXEdwina1112507
Lindsay Cooper144555TXFabu Fling Jj1109505
Julie Madriguera172189TXMadoc All Dun1088001
Ida Mattisson183041TXEdison Van Twinwood1124825
Jaclynn Kenward188480TXRose Roxane1078912
Vincent Flores193953TXRiviera1124623
Anartz Chanca195042TXDaquiri Classic1117370
Sammi Stohler196898TXGunner1105932
Franziska Chumley208959TXREGALO CCF1096788
Total Riders: 25