2024 Qualifying Results & Standings

How do the rankings work?
  • *NEW FOR 2021 – two score sets will be required instead of three*
  • The Team Average and Individual Average will appear in green when at least 2 scores of each type have been met.
  • The Overall Average will appear in green when at least 2 team scores, 2 individual scores, a freestyle score of at least 65 and the overall average of 64% have all been achieved.
  • The Team Score and Individual Score will appear in red when it is the dropped score in the calculations for the average.
  • The Submit Certificate of Capability link will appear in blue beside your horse’s name once your Overall Average appears in green.
  • Once the Certificate of Capability is processed by staff, Certificate of Capablilty Complete will appear in green beside your horse’s name.
Rider Name Horse Name Team Average Individual Average Overall Average
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