Enter a horse's name, rider's first and last name,
or a USDF number:

See instructions for advanced search techniques

Instructions uses a customized search engine that makes finding your scores quick and easy. To help you find scores for the correct horse or rider, please use the tips below:

  1. Every horse and rider has a unique USDF number. The quickest way to search is to enter the USDF horse or rider number in the search box.

    If you don't know the USDF number, try one of the following:

    • Enter the rider’s first and last name,
    • Enter the horse’s name as on record with USDF,
    • For horses, after you type the horse's name, you can add an owner's name or a breed to help narrow the search.

    It's very important that the first thing you enter into the search box is a rider name, horse name, or USDF number. The search engine will not recognize your request unless the first entry is a name or number.

  2. As you type in your search words, a list of possible result options will display.
  3. When the correct result appears in the list, click on it. A search button will appear.
  4. To view the rider or horse profile, click Search.
  5. To try another search, click the Reset button.