Materiale Championship Qualified Horses

Competition Year: January 1 - December 31
Qualifications to compete in a materiale championship class must be earned in the calendar year that the championship will occur. Any qualifications earned in other calendar years will not apply.
USDFBC Program Rules

The horses and owners in the following lists were eligible at the time of qualifying. However, as USDF memberships for horse and owner differ from the time of qualification to when a horse competes in a materiale championship class, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the horse is USDF Lifetime Registered, and he/she is a USDF Participating or Business Member prior to entering the USDF materiale championship class.

The following horses have earned a score of 72% or higher in a materiale class

3 Year Olds

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4 & 5 Year Olds

4 & 5 year oldZixten