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The 2021 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention is Going Virtual!

Dressage: The Next Frontier

Dear Dressage Enthusiast,

Based on continuous monitoring by USDF leaders of potential impacts to an in-person event, and upon feedback from governance representatives, the host region, and the local club, the decision has been made for the 2021 USDF Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention to return to a virtual setting. After the overwhelming success and positive feedback from the membership regarding the virtual convention held in 2020, USDF is confident that we can deliver a convention experience that members will enjoy and that will allow us to successfully complete and attain our governance tasks and objectives.

The 2021 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention will continue to be where members and attendees can play an active role in USDF governance. Attendees will still be able to learn about the latest developments in the sport, as well as attend open meetings and forums. Yet again, the convention attendees will experience the event through a series of Zoom webinars, video chats, and other online content mediums, and we will still be able to offer the ever-elusive conflict free schedule.

This is a prime opportunity to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the organization and keep your thumb on the pulse of happenings within the sport. Our volunteer leadership, from GMO officials to committee members, to delegates, to directors, all bring so much knowledge and expertise to all aspects of the annual convention, it would benefit anyone to attend. Each and every member’s voice is valued and plays a vital role in USDF governance and in plotting the trajectory of the organization and the sport.

We hope you’ll join us for another virtual experience to continue this mission of influencing the direction of our sport and push it to new heights towards the next frontier of dressage. As always, keep an eye on the convention website and follow USDF on social media for the latest updates.



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