GMO Listings by Region


States: Iowa; Kansas; Minnesota; Missouri; Nebraska; North Dakota; South Dakota

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Group Member Organizations

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GMO USDF # Location
Central States Dressage & Eventing Association 401 Maple Plain, MN
Columbia Dressage and Combined Training Association 411 Fulton, MO
Eastern Iowa Dressage & Eventing Association 417 Iowa City, IA
Great River Classical Horsemanship Association 1042 Donnellson, IA
Iowa Dressage & Combined Training Association 405 Nichols, IA
Kansas City Dressage Society 402 Greenwood, MO
Kansas Dressage & Eventing Association 406 Wichita, KS
Nebraska Dressage Association 403 Lincoln, NE
North Woods Dressage Association 408 Duluth, MN
Ozark Dressage Society 413 Strafford, MO
St. Louis Area Dressage Society 404 Saint Peters, MO