GMO Listings by Region


States: Alabama; Florida; Georgia; South Carolina; Tennessee

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Group Member Organizations

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GMO USDF # Location
Alpha Dressage Association 302 Bradenton, FL
Arredondo Dressage Society 304 Gainesville, FL
Central Tennessee Dressage Association 309 Shelbyville, TN
Coastal Empire Dressage Association 1073 Rincon, GA
Crossroads Dressage & Combined Training Society 319 Knoxville, TN
Dancing Horse Dressage & CTA 329 Grant, FL
Deep South Dressage & CTA 301 Laurel Hill, FL
Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association, Inc. 307 Alpharetta, GA
Gold Coast Dressage Association 306 Wellington, FL
Northeast Florida Dressage Association 334 Jacksonville, FL
South Carolina Dressage & CTA 308 St. George, SC
South Florida Dressage Association 1070 South Miami, FL
Southwest Florida Dressage Association, Inc. 316 Fort Myers, FL
Southwind Dressage & Eventing Association 336 Tallahassee, FL
STRIDE 324 Brooksville, FL
Tennessee Alabama Georgia Dressage & Eventing Association 1072 Dunlap, TN
The Good Horseman Foundation 331 Pine Lake, GA