Rider Award Recipients


USDF Rider Awards are based strictly on the scores the rider achieves over time and need not be earned in one competition year.

Rider Award certificates are mailed to award recipients as applications are processed throughout the year. To obtain online rider award certificates, click on the date the award was earned. Please note that certificates awarded previously may not be formatted the same as the printout.

Attention all USDF Medalists, Freestyle Bar, and Master's Challenge award recipients!

Congratulations on your achievement! For your information, the following are frequently asked questions regarding receiving Rider Awards, submitting photos and convention. If you have a question that is not answered below, please email riderawards@usdf.org or call 859-971-2277 for more information.

How will I receive my Rider Award? Your certificate recognizing your achievement will be mailed to you after your online application has been processed. Rider award medals, freestyle bars and Master’s Challenge Awards are awarded at the USDF Salute Gala & Annual Awards Banquet held during the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention for that award year.

When may I order the corresponding lapel pin? You may order the corresponding lapel pin for the USDF bronze, silver and gold medals and freestyle bars at any time after your application has been processed by visiting the USDF Online Store.

When should I submit a picture for the yearbook issue of USDF Connection? The deadline to submit rider award pictures for the yearbook issue of USDF Connection is the first Friday in October of the award year. Please see the USDF Photo Release Form for instructions on how to submit pictures to USDF. If you have any questions regarding picture submission, please e-mail yearbook@usdf.org.

How do I let you know that I would like to receive my award at the Salute Gala & Annual Awards Banquet? If you plan on receiving your award at the Salute Gala & Annual Awards Banquet, you must purchase your banquet ticket online and complete the required information in order for USDF to have your award available for you to receive that evening. Please note that the purchase of a banquet ticket is required to attend the Salute Gala and Annual Awards Banquet.

Can someone else accept my USDF Rider Award for me? To help the proceedings run smoothly and to avoid lost awards, only the rider who earned the award will be allowed to accept the award.

How will I receive my award if I am unable to attend the Salute Gala & Annual Awards Banquet? If you are unable to attend the Salute Gala & Annual Awards Banquet and personally accept your award, it will be mailed to the address that we have on file after convention, around the middle of December.

Is it possible to get a replacement for a lost or damaged USDF Rider Award? Yes, we will be happy to replace your certificate, medal, freestyle bar or master’s challenge award if it is lost or damaged. Replacement fees will apply.

How will I be notified of any changes or updates? The USDF contacts its member’s primarily through email. If possible, please have an email address on file with us so that you will be notified of any changes or updates.

Year: Current All

Rider Performance Award - Training (Current Year)

Member NameZipcodeStateAward Date
Acklin, Jennifer B (209345) 14731NY 6/29/2017
Baorto, Rita (209947) 07869NJ 6/14/2017
Battan, Lisa Elaine (163745) 80302CO 6/15/2017
Bell, Cynthia A (41469) 95301CA 2/27/2017
Bounds, Katherine (147677) 21804MD 4/25/2017
Burns, Laura M (207117) 01096MA 6/26/2017
Bursey, Bridget Alyssa (102831) 55429MN 5/18/2017
Cantor, Jenna L (200189) 28071NC 3/16/2017
Childress, Ginger Gilmore (10539) 35405AL 1/24/2017
Conroy, Cathy (200868) 07825NJ 6/14/2017
Criss, Melanie Faye (197330) 60014IL 6/14/2017
Cummings-Hurst, Darbie (205363) 87111NM 11/17/2016
Cunefare, Carol Ann (53396) 81301CO 6/21/2017
Davis, Michelle Alison (205332) 12401NY 11/17/2016
Diersen, Mary T (180822) 60540IL 6/5/2017
Downs, Debbie (55650) 89415NV 5/3/2017
Dresen, Nicole Christine (211681) 53144WI 6/16/2017
DuBose, Abigail Grace (207315) 32798FL 2/14/2017
Ester, Kevin L (211594) 29360SC 4/6/2017
Fada, Kirsten (208225) 42701KY 11/17/2016
Fair, Vicki L (176260) 45122OH 5/3/2017
Foley, Ciera (188458) 35749AL 11/17/2016
Galbreath, Lynne (208773) 76226TX 2/9/2017
Greene, Holly (191460) 32124FL 7/19/2017
Griswold, Mary Lynn (28735) 45213OH 6/14/2017
Guo, Chengzi (210891) 95070CA 7/17/2017
Holloran, Tessa Lynn (206637) 01463MA 2/3/2017
Jonkman, Hayley Renee (207507) 47905IN 5/8/2017
King, Shanda H (205391) 23188VA 7/5/2017
Koch, Melissa Dawn (120443) 98223WA 11/17/2016
Landers, Jennifer (187961) 72032AR 12/6/2016
Lindsay, Elizabeth P (210352) 98070WA 7/11/2017
Lorraine, Claire (205865) 04862ME 6/1/2017
Machin, Susan K (108791) 48105MI 1/10/2017
Mallette, Heather Nicole (144635) 12175NY 6/2/2017
Miller, Ashley Marie (120799) 33905FL 2/21/2017
Miller, Mckenzie Elizabeth (207378) 85308AZ 11/17/2016
Mitchell, Marselle Marie (198723) 83706ID 3/14/2017
Muehlbauer, Noel Dianne (178205) 30009GA 5/26/2017
Pace, Tiffany Marie (212818) 28078NC 7/17/2017
Ragno, Jodi Jeanne (209420) 32750FL 12/12/2016
Reed, Rachel (204190) 21804MD 4/3/2017
Reid, Ginger D (202630) 29429SC 11/17/2016
Sederholm, Lesley (185509) 54846WI 12/8/2016
Sikorski, Stacey (48217) 98290WA 11/17/2016
Simmons, Kaleigh Katherine (206291) 01038MA 11/17/2016
Stover, Sarah E (200917) 07930NJ 6/14/2017
Vollinger, Lindsay (192982) 01038MA 6/22/2017
Waller, Madison Emily (201775) 77713TX 1/25/2017
Total Awards49