Dear USDF members,

In this time of social distancing, sheltering in place, and self-quarantining, many of you have less physical access to participate in dressage and with your horses than you would like.  If you need a break from the constant stream of COVID-19 news, I want to remind you that USDF makes available numerous opportunities to members that can be accessed from home.  For anyone who has not already done so, I highly encourage you to visit YourDressage, which is currently celebrating its one year anniversary. Take this opportunity to revisit some of the most popular posts from our first year and to enjoy something you may have missed that deserves a second look, not to mention the new content being uploaded daily!

                        Top Ten Most Viewed Articles from Year One

                        The Best Posts You May Have Missed from Year One

During time out of the saddle, keep your dressage mind sharp by taking advantage of online courses and educational resources available through the new USDF University. USDF University offers a great opportunity for our members to keep up with their dressage education, while also earning USDF University credits. In addition to the short courses, quizzes, learning modules, and the full educational resource library available through USDF University, you may also find value in accessing our digital streaming video library, which houses not only On The Levels, but also a number of videos from past USDF Symposia and Trainers Conferences, and in tuning in to the Dressage Radio Show podcast, the official podcast of USDF. Still hungry for education? Don’t forget that members have access to the full digital archive of the award winning USDF Connection magazine, by simply logging into the USDF website.

And finally, for those who are choosing to pass these difficult times by stimulating the online commerce economy, I urge all members to take advantage of their discount in the USDF online store, as well as with all of our USDF Member Perks Partners.

As we continue to navigate these uncertain waters, rest assured that USDF continues to monitor and evaluate any and all developments related to COVID-19 and how they may impact upcoming USDF programs and activities. For the latest developments and updates relating to dressage to stay apprised of other USDF opportunities, visit the USDF website at and make sure to follow us on our social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Stephan Hienzsch
USDF Executive Director