USDF Executive Board Releases Official Position on Western and Gaited Dressage

For Immediate Release
Thursday, December 13, 2012

During their annual meeting on December 4, 2012,  held at the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention, the USDF Executive Board approved the following official position on western and gaited dressage:

• USDF will in no way imply or encourage a position that "western dressage" or "gaited dressage" and dressage as defined by the FEI are the same thing.

• USDF will stand firm on a position that the USDF, USEF, and FEI dressage rules, including terminology and criteria, cannot be used in a way that uses traditional concepts and terminology to mean something "different".

• USDF will identify USDF educational programs and materials that would appeal to individuals interested in dressage, including western and gaited study, or who have students with that type of horse, as it relates to dressage as defined by the FEI.

• USDF will consider providing applicable website links to other organizations.

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