2006 Hall Of Fame/Lifetime Achievement Award Nominations Deadline

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, April 5, 2006

The time is now! Take the time to fill out a nomination form for a candidate you would like to be considered for the 2006 USDF Hall of Fame or Lifetime Achievement Award.  The deadline, May 1st, 2006, is fast approaching. This is a great opportunity for you to assist USDF in recognizing those individuals or horses that have made a significant contribution to the sport of dressage in the U.S. or in their service to USDF.

Individuals who will be considered for induction into the USDF Hall of Fame are those who have made outstanding contributions to the growth, development, quality, popularity and appreciation of the sport of dressage in the United States. Past inductees into the USDF Hall of Fame are: Lowell Boomer (1996), Chuck Grant (1997), Colonel Bengt Ljungquist (1998), Violet Hopkins (1998), Colonel Donald W. Thackeray (1998), Lt. Col. Hans Moeller (2000), Captain John Fritz (2000), Jessica Newberry Ransehousen (2001), Major General Guy V. Henry, Jr. (2001), Ivan Bezugloff, Jr. (2002), Kyra Downton (2002), Colonel Hiram Tuttle (2002), Major Anders Lindgren (2003), Margarita Serrell (2003),  Karl Mikolka (2003), Captain Andrew de Szinay (2004), and Dr. Max Gahwyler (2004).

Horses who will be considered should have contributed to excellence in dressage through their performance records in the dressage arena or their breeding records, or should have served as ambassadors of the sport. Previously inducted horses into the Hall of Fame are Keen (1997), Gifted (1997), Graf George (2000), and Seldom Seen (2005).

USDF Lifetime Achievement Award
Individuals who will be considered for the USDF Lifetime Achievement Award are those members who have demonstrated lifelong dedication and service to the United States Dressage Federation and its mission. Previous recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award include: Lazelle Knocke (2002), Elizabeth Searle(2002), Peter Lert (2003), Marianne Ludwig (2003), Kay Meredith (2004), and Colonel Clarence Edmonds (2005).

The deadline to nominate candidates for the 2006 USDF Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Award is May 1, 2006. Nominations received after this date will not be considered until 2007.
Specific nomination criteria for both awards, as well as the nomination forms, can be found online at www.usdf.org, or by contacting Kim Sodt in the USDF office at 859/271-7876 or ksodt@usdf.org.

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