Exciting Changes and New Pathways Culminate in Revamped USDF Instructor/Trainer Development Program

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Lexington, KY (March 15, 2023) – The United States Dressage Federation™ (USDF) is excited to announce that along with a name change, the USDF Instructor/Trainer Program, now known as the USDF Instructor/Trainer Development Program, has been revamped to better achieve its goals of educating and certifying instructors and trainers, as well as making this education more accessible to the general membership. Additionally, it will now feature new pathways that have been created to educate amateurs, as well as those looking to become professionals.

The newly established USDF Instructor/Trainer Development Seminars, which are open to anyone seeking to gain knowledge, will be delivered via live event, either in a classroom setting or virtually, with the first day being geared toward a general audience and large group and featuring demonstration riders, as available. The optional second day of the seminars are designed for a small group and feature a hands-on education experience for participants.

The USDF Instructor/Trainer Professional Development pathway is for those who are interested in certification and future professional development. Those participating in this pathway will have access to mentors and additional resources to help guide and advise them on their journey to certification. Other changes included in the new certification path also make it easier for professionals to become certified at their current level.

USDF President George Williams shared “USDF considers instructor education and certification to be an important goal and key to the successful development of dressage in our country. Over the last four years, USDF has solicited feedback from the overall membership and our USDF Certified Instructors as part of a comprehensive review of the certification process and I'm excited to see many of the resulting recommendations incorporated into the program.”

For more information on the USDF Instructor/Trainer Development Program, details on how to get started, and a calendar of upcoming educational events, visit the USDF website or contact instructorcertification@usdf.org.

Founded in 1973, the United States Dressage Federation is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to education, recognition of achievement, and promotion of dressage. For more information about USDF membership or programs, visit www.usdf.org, email usdressage@usdf.org, or call (859) 971-2277.