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Important Information for Competitors


The All-Breeds award program has adopted a one horse/one breed/one award rule, approved at the 2003 USDF convention. If you want your horse to be considered for the USDF All-Breeds award program, you must make sure that your breed or performance registry (called the "Participating Organization" or PO) has been declared in our records for your horse. If you have not done this already, the declaration must be on record with USDF by August 1, of the current competition year.

Adequan/USDF All-Breeds Awards preliminary standings are on our Web site. Horses are ranked in the preliminary standings once all USDF All-Breeds requirements and their Participating Organizationís requirements have been met.

POs will be monitoring, throughout the year, lists of horses that are declared for their organization that have a USDF Lifetime Horse Registration and have at least 3 scores of 58 percent or higher, earned from at least two different competitions from this competition season. Once a horse has met the award requirements and has been checked as "good" by their PO, the horse will appear on our All-Breeds preliminary standings.

The All-Breeds Preliminary Standings will appear at the same time as the open year-end awards preliminary standings.

Owners and riders, it is your responsibility to check your standings throughout the year and notify USDF and your PO if for some reason you believe that you have been incorrectly ranked or left out. Also please monitor your current year score check to make sure all scores are listed correctly.

With this process, Adequan/USDF All-Breeds Awards will be final with the open year end awards; there will not be a time lapse between award finalization, as there has been in past years. No changes to the awards standings can be made after October 15 of the current competition year.


  • If you have provided one set of breed/performance/color registry papers and a completed USDF All-Breeds Awards Declaration Form to USDF, your horse will be declared for the organization that is designated on the form, as long as they participate in the All-Breeds Award Program.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have sent in breed papers previously or even if your horse has received All-Breeds awards from a specific organization in the past, your horse MAY NOT be automatically declared. All competitors and owners should check their horse's declaration status at, Owner's/Lessee Horse Portfolio Search.
  • When registering a horse with USDF, it is important to send a copy of the registration papers.
  • In the case of a horse with multiple sets of papers, you should only send us a copy of the breed papers that you choose for an All-Breeds declaration.
  • Some US based subsidiaries of a foreign registry do not automatically recognize the foreign-papered horses, so please contact the registry for eligibility requirements.
  • If your horse is registered with an organization that does not participate in the USDF All-Breeds award program, you may declare for a participating organization before August 1. However, it is up to that PO to accept your horse into their organization for All-Breeds awards. USDF recommends that you contact your chosen participating organization for their specific requirements. A list of participating organizations can be found on our participating organizations page.
  • If you own a foal that you would like to declare for All-Breeds Awards that has not yet received breed papers, prior to August 1 you must submit a completed All-Breeds Awards Declaration Form and a letter of verification from your chosen PO stating that the foal is eligible for awards from that PO.
  • Once a declaration has been made above, it can only be changed by submitting the All-Breeds Awards Declaration Form and the $50 declaration change fee to USDF by August 1 of the award year.c
  • This declaration does not affect any other awards program.

It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that an All-Breeds declaration has been made for his/her horse by August 1 of the current competition year. Once a declaration has been made, it will remain in place unless the owner changes it.

Verification of declaration status can be done three ways:

  • Accessing your score check and looking for the "All-Breeds Declaration" line towards the bottom of that document, see score check.
  • Accessing the web list for currently competing lifetime registered horses without a declaration on file, see Lifetime Registered Horses Not Declared For the All-Breeds Program.
  • Accessing your Comprehensive Owner's/Lessee's Portfolio where you can access all the horses you own at once, see Owner's/Lessee Horse Portfolio Search. This portfolio will list all horses in which you are listed as the current owner; it is color coded and will list each horse's All-Breeds declaration.

Please send a copy of your papers to Attn: All-Breeds, USDF, 4051 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511 , or FAX (859) 971-7722. Questions and declarations may be directed to