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Lifetime Registered Horses Not Declared For the All-Breeds Program

Horses that are currently NOT in the All-Breeds Award Program
This list includes USDF Lifetime registered horses with at least one score for the current competition year, which do not have a declaration for the All-Breeds award program. This list is in alphabetical order by horse name, as registered with USDF, and is updated daily.

If you wish to have your horse removed from this list, please contact
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Horse Name / Primary BreedOwner/LesseeZipBreed RegistriesPapers
On File
1085202 Abracadabra /
Dutch Warmblood
Mary Rollins33414Not On RecordNo
1065347 Absolute /
Joan Esterline48892Not On RecordNo
1090539 Accentuate /
Dutch Warmblood
Beth Butler77469Not On RecordNo
1080516 Adagio /
Hanoverian Cross
Kate Christensen49424Not On RecordNo
1080516 Adagio /
Hanoverian Cross
Kaylee Christensen49424Not On RecordNo
1110168 Adagio /
American Warmblood
Cassidy Spurgeon32043Not On RecordNo
1038768 Adagio /
German Riding Pony
Donna Stockton60461Foreign Papers On FileYes
1103450 Adagio DC /
Rafael Chavez77355International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse AssociationYes
1086769 Adonis /
German Riding Pony
Delores Seketa46135Not On RecordNo
1105444 Aeris /
Andalusian Cross
Erin Zimmermann45209Not On RecordNo
1101175 Agent JLK /
Quarter Horse
Lisa Schoonmaker65742Not On RecordNo
1106096 Aguileño WAE /
Pura Raza Espanola
Leila Gillen77385Not On RecordNo
1086815 Air Marshall /
Dutch Warmblood
Colleen Gray21901Not On RecordNo
1105910 Aisling Cilbarra Snow /
Gypsy Cob
Megan Kenney76513Not On RecordNo
1070122 Al Forno /
Danish Warmblood
James Koford27526Not On RecordNo
1052705 Alegria /
Janell Scherbarth48105Not On RecordNo
1089842 All Star M.H. /
Dutch Warmblood
Stephanie Wells77024Not On RecordNo
1090398 Alle In One /
Dutch Warmblood
Kim Yacobucci85254Not On RecordNo
1078883 Amadeus /
Dutch Warmblood
Amy Speck-Kern33414Not On RecordNo
1101693 Amata /
Spanish Norman
Kerri Papanicholas01748Not On RecordNo
1075898 Amigo /
Dutch Warmblood
Darcy Gaines40383Not On RecordNo
1107211 Amuleto /
Emma Patterson77005Not On RecordNo
1108414 Anakin /
Cindy Savage05143Not On RecordNo
1010223 Andiamo /
Dainya Lestock49267Not On RecordNo
1095928 Angelo-H /
Dutch Warmblood
Linda Custer43054Not On RecordNo
1108780 Another Excuse /
Quarter Horse
Abigail Davis03303Not On RecordNo
43330 Another Fable /
Selle Francais
Jennifer Strauss53066Not On RecordNo
43806 Apollinaire /
Leslie Bean27613Not On RecordNo
1088313 Appolonia /
Brittany Jamison03825Not On RecordNo
1110144 Aragorn /
Merrie Carter75204Not On RecordNo
1086069 Aragorn /
Dutch Warmblood
Susan Leutwyler85331Not On RecordNo
1063046 Arcangel /
Sandra Jacob53534Not On RecordNo
1101208 Arcelio /
Marsha Simpson63069Not On RecordNo
1088117 Arianna Express /
Denise Alban-Kern60450Not On RecordNo
1107267 Arithmetic TF /
Barbara Kuyper49423Not On RecordNo
1096778 Armani /
Dutch Warmblood
Jan Richardson75071Not On RecordNo
1100400 Artizan /
Thoroughbred Cross
Kimberly Sullivan49008Not On RecordNo
1006890 Asa Ezra /
Brittany Jamison03825Not On RecordNo
1102758 Ashotta Patrone /
Trakehner Cross
Madison Selstad42040Not On RecordNo
1092016 ASKARI 168 /
Laurie Sigfridson06234Not On RecordNo
1108220 Aspen Glow /
Audra Sheffler03301Not On RecordNo
1104144 Audacious /
Swedish Warmblood
Hannah Irons21658Not On RecordNo
1038349 Aurora 1 /
Dutch Warmblood
Susan Mitchell33626Not On RecordNo
1107189 Aurora Borealis /
Swedish Warmblood
Malena Brisbois20181Not On RecordNo
1107189 Aurora Borealis /
Swedish Warmblood
Laura Celia20187Not On RecordNo
1102777 Avance /
Dutch Warmblood
Amy Speck-Kern33414Not On RecordNo
1110102 Aventinus /
Percheron Cross
Alannah Mac Gregor78620Not On RecordNo
1034526 Axel /
Colleen Rull63025Verband Hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter E.V.Yes