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GMO Guide

Dear GMO Official,

The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is proud to have your Group Member Organization (GMO) as an affiliated club! USDF takes pride in its members and recognizes the impact GMOs have on the organization.

As GMOs continually grow and change, we feel that it is important for GMO officials to have the right tools to make the most of their efforts, from membership drives to placing ads and logos on websites and in publications. USDF provides many resourceful tools for GMOs to utilize to keep members involved in dressage, and tools that may help your GMO function to the best of its ability.

This document is intended to let you know what USDF can offer your organization as a GMO and what USDF offers your members.

The dedication of those involved with GMOs has largely contributed to the success of USDF.

Thank you for your dedication to the sport of dressage!


  1. Welcome Letter/Contents
  2. GMO Marketing Guide
  3. 2013 GMO Award Winners
  4. Thank You Contributors


  1. Resources
  2. Map of USDF Regions
  3. Membership Information
  4. Roster Submission Instructions
  5. Online Roster Submission Instructions
  6. Membership Requirements for Education Programs
  7. Membership and Horse Registration Requirements for Awards and Championship Programs



  1. Group Member Benefits
  2. Group Member Organization Benefits
  3. e-TRAK Letter
  4. e-TRAK FAQs



  1. Affiliate Verification/GMO Officials Update
  2. GMO Historical Questionnaire
  3. GMO Going Green Program
  4. GMO Roster Update
  5. Request for Refund of Multiple GMO Dues
  6. GMO Basket Letter of Intent
  7. Ruth Arvanette Memorial Fund Grant
  8. Regional GMO Volunteer of the Year Award
  9. Website Award
  10. Newsletter Award
  11. Photography Award
  12. Checklist



  1. Introduction
  2. Section 1 USDF Affiliation
  3. Section 2 Setting Up Your GMO
  4. Section 3 Finances
  5. Section 4 - Insurance
  6. Section 5 Membership
  7. Section 6 Coordinating Volunteers
  8. Section 7 Activities
  9. Section 8 Marketing Publicity
  10. Section 9 Awards
  11. Section 10 Deadlines
  12. Section 11 Forms and Documents
  13. Section 12 Reference


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