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Other Programs

USDF Sport Horse Seminars
Often held in conjunction with USDF Sport Horse Handlers Clinics, these two-day programs educate breeders, riders, trainers, and potential owners about the qualities to look for in a sport horse and how to rate them.  Additionally, they serve as a prerequisite for becoming a USEF-licensed dressage/sport horse breeding judge. Learn more

USDF/USEF Young Rider Graduate Program
With funding support provided by The Dressage Foundation, this program consists of a weekend educational seminar that focuses on crucial topics that young adults, ages 20-28, need to know to prepare for a professional career in the equine industry. Topics include goal setting, sponsorship, international competition and business subjects such as contracts, insurance and tax practices. These subjects are taught by top professionals in the country in hopes of fostering strong role models for the future. Learn more

Trainers Conference
The National-Level and FEI-Level Trainers’ Conferences are designed to provide continuing education for dressage trainers and instructors. USDF Trainers’ Conference presenters give trainers the opportunity to explore new training method and teaching techniques. Past presenters have included Ulla Salzgeber, Kathy Connelly, Hubertus Schmidt and Jan Brink. Attendees must meet certain criteria in order to attend. Learn more

Musical Freestyle
Dressage Musical Freestyle combines the elegance and beauty as well as the power and strength of the horse with the stirring impact of music. Movements and figures are choreographed to meet the technical requirements of the particular level with carefully chosen music that highlights the horse/rider combination. Musical Freestyles are entertaining and offer great audience appeal. The tests are offered from First to Fourth levels through the USDF and at Prix St. Georges for Young Riders, Intermediate I and Grand Prix through the FEI. Learn more

Pas de Deux
Pas de Deux combines the elegance and impact of dressage musical freestyle with the added element of two horses and riders performing together. Movements and figures are choreographed to meet the technical requirements of the particular level with music chosen to highlight the pair. Pas de Deux has great spectator and audience appeal due to the increased dynamic of two horses and riders dancing in the arena. Learn more

Quadrille is most simply defined as team riding. The most famous, readily identifiable quadrilles are those of the Spanish Riding School, the Cadre Noir and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Learn more