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USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Program

This new program will provide a correct, fundamental system for starting sport horse prospects. The program is intended for trainers, owners and breeders, with the goal of developing a consistent training foundation for all sport horse prospects. This program will bridge the current educational gap related to the training of sport horse prospects as they progress from in-hand to under-saddle and eventual competition.

This program will feature live forums strategically placed across the county in our sport horse communities. For information on the USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Forum, click here.

Click here for a list of young horse trainers and riders who have participated as riders in our forums.

Click here to see a brief introduction to the program.

Youth Dressage Sport Horse Breeder/Handler Seminar

This new seminar has been created to familiarize the younger generation with the dressage sport horse industry. Held over two days, this seminar will consist of classroom and practical handling sessions, along with the opportunity to observe competition classes and practice judging.

USDF Sport Horse Handlers Clinics

Usually held in conjunction with the USDF Sport Horse Seminars, these two-day programs are designed to train owners and exhibitors of sport horses in the basics of preparing horse to be shown in-hand, as well as show ring rules and procedures.

USDF Sport Horse Seminar

Often held in conjunction with USDF Sport Horse Handlers Clinics, these two-day programs educate breeders, riders, trainers, and potential owners about the qualities to look for in a sport horse and how to rate them.  Additionally, they serve as a prerequisite for becoming a USEF-licensed dressage/sport horse breeding judge.

If you have any questions or would like information on how to host or attend the above education programs, contact the a program liaison at (859) 971-2277 or