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USEF Rule Change Proposals

As part of our ongoing effort to educate members, USDF is dedicated to making this rule page a resource for information on new rules, the rule proposal process, approval process, and other helpful information regarding rules affecting dressage.

All USDF members are encouraged to review active rule change proposals below and provide feedback in the form provided. Feedback will be considered by the USEF Dressage Committee during the USEF Rule Change Forum being held on Thursday December 1st, during the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention. Members are also encouraged to contact your PM or GM Delegates and encourage them to attend any relevant meetings, or forums, that are held during the convention.

For a complete list of USEF active rule change proposals, click here. Questions regarding USEF rules can be directed here.

Below is a list of active rule change proposals that have been approved by the USEF Dressage Committee, and will be submitted to the USEF Board of Directors for approval. Click on the rule number for details of the rule change and add your comments and feedback to the USEF Dressage Committee below:

Tracking #Rule ReferenceDescription
303-16DR 111.3Lateral Movements
304-16DR 119.8FEI Tests for Children
305-16DR 120.1FEI Tests for Children
307-16DR 121.1Saddlery and Equipment
116-16DR 121.2Crescent Noseband
306-16DR 121.2FEI Tests for Children
115-16DR 121.4Crescent Noseband
308-16DR 121.7Identification Tag
309-16DR 121.9Nose Net
310-16DR 122.5FEI Para-Equestrian Tests
257-16DR 125.7Technical Delegate
311-16DR 126Judges
312-16DR 126.3Dressage Levels Chart
314-16DR 129.6Musical Freestyle
313-16DR 128.2National Championships - Children
315-16DR 129.9Musical Freestyle
318-16DR 135.17Pony Measurement
316-16DR 202.2Guest Cards
317-16DR 203.17Stallion
344-16GR 109.5Commencement and Completion of Classes
092-16GR 126.2Definition of Horse
404-16GR 201Farm Membership
216-16GR 202Membership
037-16GR 308Mileage
038-16GR 308Mileage
039-16GR 308Mileage
040-16GR 308Mileage
367-16GR 308.12Mileage
364-16GR 309Dues, Fees and Insurance
117-16GR 309.2Privacy
365-16GR 310.1Cancellation of Competitions
335-16GR 407Academy Classes
390-16GR 407.1FEI Drug Testing Fee
214-16GR 808.2Championships
210-16GR 812Retirement Ceremony
366-16GR 829.1Length of Competition
351-16GR 829.3Length of Competition Paso Fino
234-16GR 831Delay of Class
348-16GR 839Cruelty
349-16GR 843Horse Collapse
347-16GR 844Horse Fatality
381-16GR 845Safety Preparedness
093-16GR 850Tails
368-16GR 915.1Limiting Entries
369-16GR 915.2Limiting Entries
388-16GR 1001.1Licensed Officials Committee
375-16GR 1009Recorded Judge
377-16GR 1010Special Judge
069-16GR 1011Guest Judge
338-16GR 1011Guest Cards
378-16GR 1011Guest Judge
360-16GR 1011.7Guest Judge
345-16GR 1011.10Guest Cards
374-16GR 1011.16Guest Judges Eventing
339-16GR 1012Learner - Apprentice
340-16GR 1015Steward
379-16GR 1016Special Steward
401-16GR 1032Para-Equestrian Classifiers
341-16GR 1033.10Judges' Cards
085-16GR 1037.1Conflict of Interest - Judges
021-16GR 1038Stewards/Tds
371-16GR 1049.3Dressage Judges
372-16GR 1050.3Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Judges
373-16GR 1051Dtd
212-16GR 1120Awards
346-16GR 1202.1Competition Manager
362-16GR 1210.7Competition Management
036-16GR 1211Qualified Medical Personnel
363-16GR 1212.2Prize Lists
091-16GR 1306.3Professional/Amateur
079-16GR 1306.3Amateur Rule
354-16GR 1307Amateur Status
090-16GR 1004Western Dressage
047-16GR 1134.5Morgan Horse Division
355-16GR 1124.4Arabian and Half/Anglo Arabian Divisions

Member Feedback

Please log in to provide USEF Rule Change Proposal feedback.

115-16 DR 121.4 Crescent Noseband

Completely support this rule change. Even suggest to consider nosebands as an optional piece of equipment.

Completely support proposed rule change.

092-16 GR 126.2 Definition of Horse

Completely support this rule change.

348-16 GR 839 Cruelty

Although I think most changes to this rule are good, I am concerned about the deletion of # 4 (Show Committees are encouraged to contact the American Humane Association, 1400 16th Street NW, Suite 360, Washington DC 20036, which will provide experienced humane inspectors to work with them in eliminating cruel practices.) as I feel the AHA is much more knowledgeable about and better prepared to deal with cruelty situations.

Completely support this rule change.

349-16 GR 843 Horse Collapse

Completely support this rule change.

347-16 GR 844 Horse Fatality

Completely support this rule change.

093-16 GR 850 Tails

Completely support.

091-16 GR 1306.3 Professional/Amateur

This is an important change in the right direction to help sort the confusion between pro/ammy status.

079-16 GR 1306.3 Amateur Rule

Important change to help clarify differences between pro/ammy status.

Dressage Chapter Rule Changes

USEF Tracking #Rule ReferenceChapter/Subchapter
There are no proposed changes at this time
USEF Tracking #Rule ReferenceChapter/Subchapter
129-15 DR 135.2 Pony Measurement
398-15 DR 102.1 The Halt
402-15 DR 111.3 Work on Two Tracks and The Lateral Movements - Travers
509-15 DR 116 The Impulsion, The Submission - willing cooperation
510-15 DR 116.2 The Impulsion, The Submission - willing cooperation
511-15 DR 117.7 The Position and Aids of the Rider - willing cooperation
476-15 DR 118.2 Tests for Dressage Competitions - purpose of levels of competition
512-15 DR 118.3 Tests for Dressage Competition - willing cooperation
475-15 DR 119.1 Participation in Dressage Competitions - age of horse
445-15 DR 119.2 Participation in Dressage Competitions - FEI five-year-old tests
253-15 DR 119.11 Participation in Dressage Competitions - compensatory aids
516-15 DR 119.12 participation in dressage competitions
251-15 DR 119.13 Participation in Dressage Competitions - PE classification card
518-15 DR 121 Saddlery and Equipment - bridoons
141-15 DR 121.1 Saddlery and Equipment - saddle pads, logos
167-15 DR 121.1 Saddlery and Equipment - logo on saddle cloth
513-15 DR 121.3 Saddlery and Equipment - curbs
140-15 DR 121.7 Saddlery and Equipment – body tape or bands
514-15 DR 121.7 Saddlery and Equipment - sponsor logos
515-15 DR 121.13 Saddlery and Equipment - saddlery and equipment
250-15 DR 122.1 Execution and Judging of Tests - PE classification card
520-15 DR 122.5 Execution and Judging of Tests - judging tests
438-15 DR 122.7 Execution and Judging of Tests - Judging comments
521-15 DR 122.9 Execution and Judging of Tests -judging tests
522-15 DR 123.4 Scoring, Classification and Prize-Giving - scoreboards
437-15 DR 123.6 Scoring, Classification and Prize-Giving - scoring championship
436-15 DR 124.1 Elimination
139-15 DR 124.3 Elimination - judge must consult with steward/td
133-15 DR 125.5 Competition Licensing and Officials - dressage TDs officiating twice
434-15 DR 125.5 Competition Licensing and Officials - TDs
433-15 DR 125.7 Competition Licensing and Officials
432-15 DR 126.3 Requirements for Dressage Competition Management - TDs for level competitions
132-15 DR 127.4 USEF/USDF Qualifying and Championship Classes - number of tests ridden
431-15 DR 133.2 Dressage Seat Equitation - rider and horse memberships

General Rules that may be of interest to the dressage community are listed here:

USEF Tracking #Rule ReferenceChapter/Subchapter
021-16 GR 1038 Conflict of Interest and Restrictions – Stewards and Technical Delegates
USEF Tracking #Rule ReferenceChapter/Subchapter
474-15 GR 123 Definitions and Governance - Family
261-15 GR 142 Definitions and Governance/Para-Equestrian – FEI classification
388-15 GR 205 Membership/Non-Members – show pass fee
473-15 GR 301 Competition Licensing
008-15 GR 410 Therapeutic Substance Provision
287-15 GR 414.5 Drugs and Medications/ Prohibited Practices - kinesiotape and patches
131-15 GR 512.1 Measurement of Entries/Questioning and Protesting - Dressage measurement protests
143-15 GR 801.4 Conduct of Licensed Competitions/Attire and Equipment - safety vests
127-15 GR 807.2 Conduct of Licensed Competitions/Competition Awards, Honors and Prizes - prize ribbons
136-15 GR 821.1 Conduct of Licensed Competitions/Competition and Class Conditions and Eligibility - opportunity classes
187-15 GR 845.1 Conduct of Licensed Competitions/Welfare of the Horse - vaccinations
291-15 GR 914.3 Competition Prize Lists and Entries/Submission, Acceptance, and Refusal of Entries - horse inspection
166-15 GR 1002.1 Licensed Officials Committee/Applications - licensed officials evaluation
188-15 GR 1009.1 Licensed Officials/Classifications - recorded judge
162-15 GR 1034 Regulations Governing Officials/Stewards and Technical Delegates - steward and td responsibilities
164-15 GR 1038.10 Regulations Governing Officials/Conflict of Interest and Restrictions - steward and td responsibilities
130-15 GR 1034.2 Regulations Governing Officials/Stewards and Technical Delegates - dressage TDs officiate second competition
163-15 GR 1035 Regulations Governing Officials/Special Duties of a Technical Delegates - steward and td responsibilities
043-15 GR 1040.8 License Applications, Enrollment, Promotion and Maintenance/General - license applications
037-15 GR 1040.13 License Applications, Enrollment, Promotion and Maintenance/General - reinstatement of license
036-15 GR 1041.2 License Applications, Enrollment, Promotion and Maintenance - clinic and officiating requirements
042-15 GR 1049.4 License Applications, Enrollment, Promotion and Maintenance - dressage judges
310-15 GR 1102.1 Federation Records and Awards/Horse Identification and Recording - horse recordings
283-15 GR 1211.4 Regulations Governing Officials/Stewards and Technical Delegates - veterinarians contact information
270-15 GR 1211.5 Duties of Competition Management/Appointment of Officials and Employees - infectious disease protocol
267-15 GR 1301.9 Responsibilities/General - safety stirrups
260-15 GR 1310.1 Competition Dispensations - Dispensations
259-15 GR 1311 Competition Dispensations - PE eligibility/classification
256-15 GR 1313.1 Competition Dispensations/Applying for Para-Equestrian Classification
257-15 GR 1313.1 Competition Dispensations/Applying for Para-Equestrian Classification
254-15 GR 1315.1 Competition Dispensation - PE - definition of terms
263-15 GR 1316.6 Return to Competition - accidents involving competitors