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United States Dressage Federation

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Have a specific question? Please see our inquiries page to determine who you should e-mail for answers. For specific questions over the phone, please call the main line below.

Main line: (859) 971-2277

Executive DirectorStephan Hienzsch(859) 271-7887
Senior Development & Executive CoordinatorCharlotte Williams(859) 971-7826
Marketing DirectorStephan Hienzsch(859) 271-7887
Senior Marketing CoordinatorRoss Creech(859) 971-7038
Senior Publications CoordinatorEmily Koenig(859) 271-7883
Retail Operations CoordinatorShelly Stanley(859) 971-7828
Editor, USDF ConnectionJennifer Bryant(610) 344-0116
Advertising Sales RepresentativeDebbie LaBerge(803) 641-4271
Senior Creative CoordinatorKarl Lawrence(859) 271-7881
Advertising Sales RepresentativeDanielle Titland(720) 300-2266
Member Programs
Senior Director of Member ProgramsCindy Vimont(859) 971-7317
Member Programs CoordinatorLauren Morris(859) 271-7899
Senior Competitions CoordinatorKrystina Firth(859) 271-7895
Awards Services CoordinatorCristen Brown(859) 971-7361
Results CoordinatorStacy Durham(859) 271-7894
Competition Services CoordinatorKathie Morrow(859) 271-7886
Education Programs
Senior Education Programs CoordinatorKatherine Robertson(859) 271-7877
Education Programs CoordinatorVictoria Trout(859) 271-7882
Education Programs CoordinatorChelsea Urhahn(859) 971-7360
Education Programs CoordinatorSharon Vander Ziel(859) 971-7039
Senior Membership CoordinatorMelissa Schoedlbauer(859) 971-7040
Member Registration CoordinatorCharlotte Brabant(859) 271-7871
Membership CoordinatorLisa O'Neill(859) 271-7880
Membership CoordinatorAnita Wortham(859) 971-7048
Sport Programs
Senior Sport Programs CoordinatorDonna Rocchetti(859) 271-7896
Sport Programs Administrative CoordinatorMelissa Eller(859) 271-7878
Senior Director of OperationsConnie Huy(859) 271-7891
Operations CoordinatorJames Henderson(859) 271-7875
Accounting & Finance
Senior Accounting CoordinatorEila Luft(859) 271-7889
Senior Accounting CoordinatorStephanie Willoughby(859) 271-7890
Payroll/Human Resources CoordinatorKelli Stinnett(859) 271-7873
Senior Administration CoordinatorSarah Jones(859) 271-7897
Receptionist/Administration CoordinatorDeb Reddy(859) 971-2277
Information Technology
Senior ProgrammerChad Compton(859) 396-8563
Website ProgrammerBen de Jesus(859) 971-7359