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Pas de Deux

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Is Pas de Deux for You

Pas de Deux combines the elegance and impact of dressage musical freestyle with the added element of two horses and riders performing together. Competitive Pas de Deux must include movements and figures choreographed to meet the technical requirements of the particular level with music chosen to highlight the pair. Pas de Deux has great spectator and audience appeal due to the increased dynamic of two horses and riders dancing in the arena.

Pas de Deux is not only for competition. There are occasions where it becomes a feature attraction at a luncheon, special event, charity function, or demonstration at a show. In these cases, the rules may be put aside and more festive attitude taken. Music may reflect the season, event, or may be chosen to echo the particular team. At these affairs, costuming may even be used to express the music and ride, as well as added to the entertainment value.

Pas de Deux has great spectator and audience appeal. Making it a tremendous benefit to the promotion of the sport of dressage.