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The USDF Instructor/Trainer Program is designed to educate amateurs and professionals who wish to further their education in the classical system of dressage. Our program offers educational workshops on lungeing, riding and teaching and includes a recommended reading list.

In addition to our educational workshops, USDF offers Instructor Certification for dressage instructors who meet specified proficiency standards. Certification is currently offered at the following levels:

  • Certified Instructor/Trainer; Training through First Level
  • Certified Instructor/Trainer; Second Level
  • Certified Instructor/Trainer; Third through Fourth Level
  • Certified Instructor/Trainer; FEI A (effective April 2014)
  • Certified Instructor/Trainer; FEI B (effective April 2014)

For information on the new FEI Workshops and Certification Program click here.

If you have any further questions, contact the Instructor / Trainer Program Liaison at (859) 971-2277 or

To pay a program fee online, click here.

To submit Annual Renewal information, click here.

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