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Great American Insurance Group/ USDF Regional Championships Qualified Horse & Rider List (Preliminary)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can determine whether you have achieved the necessary scores to enter a regional championship by accessing a list of horse/rider combinations who have earned two “qualifying scores.” All “qualifying scores” must be the average of all judges officiating in a designated Great American/USDF qualifying class, at two different USEF/USDF licensed Dressage Competitions and from two different judges, panel of judges, or combination of judges. more

Attention Intermediate I & II Regional Championship Competitors!
As a reminder, USEF DR119.2 states that horses may enter no more than two consecutive levels, freestyles included, at any one competition. Due to this USEF rule, a horse may not compete at both the Intermediate I and Intermediate II levels at the same competition. Consequently, in regards to the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championships, please be aware that horses competing at the Intermediate I level may only compete at the Prix St. Georges, Intermediate I, and Intermediate Freestyle levels. Additionally, horses competing at Intermediate II level may only compete at the Intermediate II, Grand Prix, and Grand Prix Freestyle levels at the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championships.

1 Type: Adult Amateurs  Freestyle  Open  Junior/Young Rider 

3 Region: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Region 1 States: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Eastern West Virginia (Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson Counties)

Region 1 - Adult Amateur ( Training )

Rider NameNumberRider StateHorse NameNumber
Tamara Langton204666NCAll The Buzz1116680
Malena Brisbois136955VAAurora Borealis1107189
Amy Arnold179254PAAuto Pilot1118376
Laura Mooney103193NCBarracuda1096572
Jennifer Boyle206932NCBonjour Bacardi1118091
Rebecca Polan19706VACall My Agent HU1101486
Nancy Clendenin188025NCDaemara1096300
Steve Hutzler208902NCDreyya1115073
Kimberly Clark207475NCDuvaldez1116038
Jessica McCaskill175072NCFilander1100817
Lara Osborne18101PAFlorenza LJS1087334
Susan Sapino208826NJGrand Cru1083109
Melanie Smith172218NJGrandeur's Star1015298
Tricia Gregory20258NCHotel California1101255
Lynn-Marie Bowie177389VALagerfeld 531087548
Anita Brassart210319MDLehnsritter's Legacy1096671
Angela Cusick183679NCLindenbrook1090865
Thomas Lurito201841PALion's Song1117062
Elizabeth Treharne181174NJLlawen Farm Ianto1120330
Jenna Cantor200189NCLuminescent 1114830
Jody Morse161768NCMai1091314
Leslie Cline20056NCMatteo1117631
Tyra Wiegers168493PAMr. Houdini1117663
Angela Mirarchi108493NCPrinci1088681
Laura Wiener158517NCProvidence War Paint1061461
Catherine Varettoni185838NJRiesling1116945
Julie Cook76986KYRiesling CCF1083846
Suzanne Gahan182944VARowena1108211
Radka Heineman189834NCSan Jaco TWF1096855
Hannah Walters122552VASimon's Blue Moon1119848
Karen Allred156467NCStargazer Lilly1075532
Alix Day130667MDSunny LS1084939
Lauren Kanarek208600NCSymphony1055279
Lysa Hodgson177251NCThe Usual Suspect1089197
Kristin Herzing153291PATiara1115560
Denise Potts28536NCTrebuchet1120608
Liz Bromberg23609NCVigoureux1111728
Karen Guerra183263NCWietske v.d. Bokkefarm1094148
Total Riders: 38