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Great American Insurance Group/ USDF Regional Championships Qualified Horse & Rider List (Preliminary)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can determine whether you have achieved the necessary scores to enter a regional championship by accessing a list of horse/rider combinations who have earned two “qualifying scores.” All “qualifying scores” must be the average of all judges officiating in a designated Great American/USDF qualifying class, at two different USEF/USDF licensed Dressage Competitions and from two different judges, panel of judges, or combination of judges. more

Attention Intermediate I & II Regional Championship Competitors!
As a reminder, USEF DR119.2 states that horses may enter no more than two consecutive levels, freestyles included, at any one competition. Due to this USEF rule, a horse may not compete at both the Intermediate I and Intermediate II levels at the same competition. Consequently, in regards to the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championships, please be aware that horses competing at the Intermediate I level may only compete at the Prix St. Georges, Intermediate I, and Intermediate Freestyle levels. Additionally, horses competing at Intermediate II level may only compete at the Intermediate II, Grand Prix, and Grand Prix Freestyle levels at the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championships.

1 Type: Adult Amateurs  Freestyle  Open  Junior/Young Rider 

3 Region: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Region 1 States: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Eastern West Virginia (Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson Counties)

Region 1 - Adult Amateur ( Training )

Rider NameNumberRider StateHorse NameNumber
Serina Tart7800NCPrime Asset1102358
Melinda Freckleton11301VASpotted In A Crowd1111798
Ashley Scattergood-Tooey13546NJFidelia1093297
Jerri Anesetti14570PASpring Hollow Cassanova1094530
Charlene Werfel14990NCWhiskey And Rye1109336
Karen Mcintyre20954VARidgetop Windy City1040677
Diane Weber-Fawsitt23151OHEcco Domani1111690
Carol Swetlin25052PAFERRARI FLAME1084668
Sharon Ortepio31887NJHe's The Ticket1090320
Amelia Hellman40353VAAsta Lindebjerg1113817
Noel Anderson59328VADon Cosak1111234
Camilla Cornwell74025MDSerafina CC1087423
Carolyn Steppe74110MDDanika1080755
Julie Cook76986KYRiesling CCF1083846
Tonya Bruno77753NCMatton Majestic1108116
Marne Martin109278MDDante Coeur1108705
Carrie Callahan113532NJOut 'N' About1107352
Emily Hadden-Morris124314PAMURACO1089751
Emily Hadden-Morris124314PAPoseidon HF1107752
Sharnette Atkinson130639VAFloriada M1101968
Lisa Langenhennig150430VABocas1112541
Penny Krug154341OHMinutes 2 Maham1065979
Martha Mellish154577VAFantango NPF1114152
Emily Sechrist166612PAMiles O Captive1103836
Lysa Hodgson177251NCThe Usual Suspect1089197
Karen Guerra183263NCWietske v.d. Bokkefarm1094148
Andrea Hinds183622PADC: Thunder In The Valley1102943
John Schaaf185680NCFerrante CF1084366
Jamie Hedges188657VAWindhorse Ysis1095531
Jan Sherfy190294MDBeamer1097109
Michael Hoffman190342VAZarco1110655
Tami Dureka190813PAThe Duke1099353
Gabriela Vitta194855NYAndor1102606
Mandy Robertson196732VADestiny's Persuit1104099
Katherine Weller198212NCGesandt Glory1112426
Karen Siebert198415MDTuff Kalidospark1106066
Annie Connelly199060VAPaddington1107995
Ginny Weber200026NCShez Country Magic1107834
Elizabeth Latz200173NCRomeo Noir1108277
Pamela Murphy200432PARio Royale RRS1088373
Rachel Graham201143PABenetti VT1111390
Reagan McClellan201860PAGoing For Gold1097586
Elizabeth Wessels204459NCSeadoo1112058
Lauren Lindsay205496VAHBF Limited Edition1091047
Total Riders: 44