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Rider Award Recipients

USDF Rider Awards are based strictly on the scores the rider achieves over time and need not be earned in one competition year.

Rider Award certificates are mailed to award recipients as applications are processed throughout the year. To obtain online rider award certificates, click on the date the award was earned. Please note that certificates awarded previously may not be formatted the same as the printout.

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Rider Performance Award - Training (Current Year)

Member NameZipcodeStateAward Date
Canaday, Debbie (199765) 99801AK 11/5/2015
Evans, Julia L (161633) 75219TX 11/18/2015
Fowler, Emma Christine (199155) 75067TX 11/5/2015
Gidner, Dawn M (14558) 98053WA 12/17/2015
Gilbertson, Payton Marie (199425) 54002WI 2/1/2016
Gorichan, Bonnie Sue (182830) 48103MI 12/10/2015
Harper, Holly Jane (151426) 78255TX 11/5/2015
Hartwig, Erika Mae (156965) 53570WI 11/5/2015
Howell, Margaret Isabel (199097) 75022TX 11/23/2015
Jacob, Sarah K (48490) 98038WA 11/5/2015
Jobst, Jennifer (67658) 78745TX 12/18/2015
Lareau, Madison Delaney (198892) 47906IN 11/5/2015
Manion, Tara (103554) 06231CT 1/29/2016
McCartney, Jessa (199730) 22701VA 12/17/2015
Olsen, Debbie (200563) 20854MD 11/5/2015
Petersen, Elizabeth Jane (189735) 80106CO 11/5/2015
Recknor, Melissa Decarlo (172641) 28676NC 11/5/2015
Rhea, Wendy Susan (41236) 95693CA 2/4/2016
Riehl, Marcia (199111) 48059MI 11/5/2015
Tom, Brittani Elissa (205557) 93422CA 11/18/2015
Yapoujian, Sharon (131268) 06488CT 12/18/2015
Total Awards21