US Dressage Finals

November 7-10, 2019                          presented by Adequan®

November 7-10, 2019        Presented by Adequan®

Stabling Information

Stabling Assignments PDF



Heated interior stall (10x10) in the Alltech Barn (Wednesday 12pm through Sunday 12:00 midnight)


Heated interior tack stall in the Alltech Barn (Wednesday 12pm through Sunday 12:00 midnight)


Double heated interior stall (10'x20') Alltech Barn only (Wednesday 12pm through Sunday 12:00 midnight) (not available for single nights) (A limited number of double stalls are available in the Alltech Barn. It is likely that people requesting double stalls will not be able to be stabled with their group since these double stalls are only available in certain areas).

$790/double stall

Non-heated shed row stall (10x10) (Wednesday 12pm through Sunday 12:00 midnight)


Non-heated shed row tack stall (Wednesday 12pm through Sunday 12:00 midnight)


Non-heated shed row stall (10x10) (Single Night)


Early check in before noon on Wednesday, November 7 or layover past Sunday 12:00 midnight


Additional Stabling Information:

  • Barns do not officially open until Tuesday 8:00am. No arrival on grounds prior to this day and time.
  • All stabling is permanent, but not all stabling is heated; permanent stall doors provided.
  • US Dressage Finals competitors will be given first preference for heated Alltech Barn, but there is no guarantee that all Alltech Barn requests can be filled.
  • Priority for all stabling requests (including stabling in Alltech Barn and for double stalls) will be based on the date of receipt of the COMPLETED entry and allotted number of Alltech stalls available per region.
  • Double stalls (in Alltech Barns) will be allotted per region. Anyone who receives a double stall win NOT receive a tack stall.
  • Non-competing horses will NOT be stabled in the Alltech Barn.
  • All horses must have a stall. No trailer-ins allowed. Please list stable groups on entry form and use only one name for each stable group to ensure that your group will be stabled together. Please note: If anyone in your group is not entered in the US Dressage Finals Classes, they may be assigned shed row stalls. If your entire group wishes to be stabled together, your group may be assigned to the shed row stalls.
  • No exhibitor may withdraw horses from a licensed show after it has commenced, or remove them from the showgrounds without permission of the show secretary.
  • Competitors will be charged for stall if they leave after Sunday 12:00 midnight.
  • Stalls have concrete or asphalt floors. Stall mats are available for rent through
  • Nighttime arrivals: Bring lights to unload.

Nightwatch available from 9pm - 5am Tuesday-Sunday nights

$10.00 per horse per night. Hay & Water as needed and morning feeding if you wish
Please contact Amy Struzzieri,, 845-220-7206.

Additional Stabling Information posted under Facility Information

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