US Dressage Finals

November 7-10, 2019                          presented by Adequan®

November 7-10, 2019        Presented by Adequan®

US Dressage Finals Rules

  1. The US Dressage Finals is a Level 5 competition. Please refer to USEF Dressage Level Requirements for specifics.
  2. Each entry must designate the division being entered (open or adult amateur) and must meet invitation or wild card requirements for each championship class entered.
  3. If a rider intends to enter the US Dressage Finals as an adult amateur, the rider must be an adult by the current USEF definition (DR 119.3) and a current amateur by the USEF definition. (USEF GR1306, 1307)
  4. A Rider must be a US citizen at the time of the US Dressage Finals competition in order to ride in a Finals class.
  5. Proof of membership: USEF and USDF registration is verified electronically if valid membership numbers are provided on entry form. Copies of USEF and USDF memberships, horse recordings, and Lifetime Horse Registration ARE NOT REQUIRED with your entry provided you include the membership numbers on your entry form. You may be asked to provide copies if your memberships cannot be verified for any reason.
  6. If the horse has more than one owner, at least one owner must have both active USEF membership and active USDF Participating or Business Membership, For a business or farm to be the valid owner under this requirement, it must be listed as an owner with both USEF and USDF.
  7. Whips may not be carried in championship tests (Exception: Competitors in possession of a Federation Dispensation Certificate, International Para-Equestrian Classification Card (FEI PE Card), USEF Para-Equestrian Classification Card, or Presidential Modification letter. Competitors riding sidesaddle may carry a whip no longer than 47.2 inches (120 cm), including lash, in USEF/USDF Championships.) An adjustable-length whip may not be carried by a mounted rider.
  8. All championship tests must be ridden from memory. (USEF DR122.1)
  9. The gate at "A" must be closed for every USEF/USDF championship ride. (USEF DR126.1.f.5)
  10. Under penalty of disqualification from all championship classes for the horse/rider combination, within 24 hours prior and at no time during a USEF/USDF Championship competition may any horse entered in the championship competition be ridden by anyone other than the rider entered in the championship competition on that horse (exception: grooms riding on loose rein). Further, any horse entered in the Finals competition, even if entered at two levels, must be ridden by the same rider throughout the competition. Effective 6/1/17 (USEF DR127.6) (NOTE: This applies throughout the entire competition, even after a horse has completed its championship classes.)
  11. In the event of a tie (equality of total points) for any placing through tenth place in US Dressage Finals classes, the total collective marks (after coefficients have been applied) will determine the order of placing among tied competitors. In cases where the total collective marks (after coefficients have been applied) are equal, competitors will remain tied. In the case of a tie (equality of total points and collective marks after coefficients have been applied) for a placing designated to receive prize money, the prize money designated for all placings involved in the tie will be combined and divided equally between the tied competitors.
  12. Hors de Concours entries are not permitted in USEF/USDF championship classes. (USEF DR119.5) Horses competing Hors de Concours in a non-championship class at the competition, are no longer eligible for further prizes, awards or placings at that competition.
  13. In a US Dressage Finals class, the horse/rider combination must obtain the necessary minimum percentage score to be named champion or reserve champion. (USEF DR123.4) If the highest placed horse/rider combination receives less than the minimum percentage, no Championship awards or prize money will be issued, however an awards ceremony will be held for the entire class.
  14. In USEF/USDF championship classes, a steward will be appointed to check the saddlery, bits and spurs, on both sides of each horse immediately after it has completed its test and has left the arena. Any discrepancy to the saddlery rules will result in immediate elimination. (USEF DR126.1.i.1)
  15. TDs must investigate incidents of non-compliance and report violations to USEF.
  16. A tentative schedule for the awards ceremonies will be printed in the Event Program.
  17. The confirmed schedule for the awards ceremonies will be posted in the show office by noon on the day prior to the beginning of the competition. If the posted awards schedule is changed, all affected competitors will be notified.
  18. Riders placing in US Dressage Final classes must be present, mounted and in full riding attire for awards ceremonies. It is recommended that saddlery for awards ceremonies be the same as in the competition, but that black or white leg bandages are allowed. Failure, without prior permission of the competition manager, to be present and properly attired, will eliminate the official score and placing and the next highest score will move up in placing. For safety reasons competitors may decline to participate in the victory round.
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