US Dressage Finals

US Dressage Finals Eligibility

The US Dressage Finals is an Invitational competition using the USEF/USDF Regional Championship program to qualify. Qualifying takes place at each of the nine Great American/USDF Regional Dressage Championships, based on either: 1) Placing in a Regional Championship Class or 2) Wild Card Eligibility. Either must be achieved at a Regional Championship in a class and eligible division offered at the US Dressage Finals.

Automatic Invitations will be issued as follows:

1) The top two out of the top 5 eligible horse/rider combinations who have declared and nominated by the specific deadlines for their Regional Championship, will be eligible for invitation.

2) Wild card eligible horse/rider combinations will be considered invited provided they have nominated by the specific deadline for their Regional Championship.

The following steps are your roadmap to the Finals:

Declaration (read more...)

Qualification for Finals

United States Citizenship Requirement: To compete in any US Dressage Finals class, the rider must be a US citizen.

Regional Championships Placing (read more...)

Wild Cards (read more...)

Nomination (read more...)

Entries & Refunds (read more...)

Additional Entry Policies (read more...)

Invitations (read more...)

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