Rider Performance Award Application

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  1. Please do not submit a USDF Rider Award application until all score requirements have been met.
  2. Please see the USDF Member Guide for rider award requirements. Questions?
  3. You are not required to submit copies of your tests.
  4. Scores may be earned with any test of the level.
  5. Intermediate A and B scores are eligible for the USDF Gold Medal.
  6. To locate your USDF number, click here.
  7. Recipients of USDF medals, freestyle bars and Master's Challenge awards may digitally submit a picture for the yearbook issue of USDF Connection in September of the competition year in which the award was recognized.
  8. Submission of a USDF Rider Award application does not guarantee the award will be issued. USDF office verifies that all award requirements have been met.
  9. USDF members with questions as to whether they have met all score requirements for USDF Rider Awards may contact USDF for verification or verify their scores on USDFScores.com.

ATTENTION: Many rider award applications received cannot be processed due to unmet award requirements.

Please make sure all requirements are met!

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