Request for Annual Change of Region for Great American/USDF Regional Dressage Championships

USDF will presume qualified horse/rider combinations will compete in the region in which the rider resides as determined by the address associated with the rider's membership information on file as of July 1. Riders are NOT required to be a resident of the region to compete in that region's championship. Riders, who wish to compete at a Regional Championship in a region other than their region of residence, must submit a Change of Region Form and $25 processing fee if received by July 1.

In addition, all persons living outside of the United States, who intend to compete in a Regional Championship, must submit this form and applicable fee to USDF to declare a region.

Change of Region Forms will be accepted and processed after the July 1 deadline only if accompanied by the applicable late fees. Change of Region forms submitted between July 2 to August 1, with a late fee of $100; from August 2, up to the closing date of the championship region the rider is declaring for, must include a late fee of $300.

No changes to region may be made after the closing date of the region in which a rider wishes to enter, for any reason.

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