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eTRAK provides tools to all current USDF members, for those new to dressage, youth members, trainers, judges and GMO's.

This page will provide some tips to help you locate the education items most suited to your individual needs.

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More details available on the eTRAK FAQ.


Features include recently added items along with samples of different types of media housed in eTRAK. Features are the only items that can be viewed without logging in.

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Find the resources you need by visiting "Learning Tools" on the menu bar or middle column of the home page.

In-Depth Studies

These USDF University accredited courses provide structured learning opportunities for selected topics. Each in-depth study includes numerous educational items and an e-assessment. University credits are given after the e-assessment is completed. Click below to see the list of courses:

Quick Studies

These learning tools are topic specific and include a quick quiz. Quick Studies are designed to help you learn more or brush up on topics from Breeding Basics to Serpentines. Click below for a sample:

Targeted Studies

This feature brings resources to together in one location for easy access for several 'targeted' groups. Some Targeted Studies are designed to help you prepare for USDF Education Programs such as the Instructor/ Trainer Program and the "L" Education Program. Click below for a sample:

Updates and items are added frequently, so check back often.

Dressage on the Go

Download these audio files and diagrams to your mobile device for later use.

Virtual Events

Watch extended video footage filmed at select USDF events.

Ask the Experts

Get advice from top trainers and professionals by searching for Ask the Experts. Many questions and answers are taken from questions asked at USDF Educational Programs and events.

Other options on the menu bar include:

The Browse option will take you to nine main categories. Under each category are subtopics which help direct you to more specific information. You can sort the results by Author, Date, File type or Views.

The Glossary houses a collection of equine-based words and definitions that can be helpful to all equestrians. If you are looking for definitions of terms specific to dressage, enter "Glossary" in the search bar to locate the Glossary of Judging Terms.

Use the Search feature if you know exactly what you are looking for. By entering keywords or specific titles such as Pyramid of Training or Guide for Scribes, you can quickly get the information you need.

Keywords or Related tabs associated with each item can help you find more educational material on the same subject.