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20 Meter Circles

Mobile friendly definition, animation and examples with scores and commentary. (4 items and a quick quiz)



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    Training Exercises- The School Figures
    Chapter 16 of the USDF Training Manual. More Info... View Item
    20 Meter Circle Examples
    With Commentary from FEI "I" 4* and USEF "S" Judge and trainer Lilo Fore. Excerpt from 2011 On The Levels DVD. More Info... View Item
    20 Meter Circles with Scores
    20 meters circles with scores from FEI "O" 5*and USEF "S" Judge Gary Rockwell as viewed from C . Excerpt from 2011 On The Levels DVD More Info... View Item
    Circle Diagrams for Download
    Learning geometry is easier with these downloadable diagrams More Info... View Item
    20-Meter Circle: Quick Quiz
    A quick quiz about the 20-meter circle. More Info... View Item
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