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Instructor/Trainer Program Training-4th Levels

Toolbox for those interested in completing the USDF Instructor/Trainer Program through 4th level


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    Learning Objectives: 1. Identify proper lungeing equipment and form needed for safe and effective lungeing. 2. Understand and apply safety concepts for lungeing the horse and rider. 3. Explain reasons for lungeing the horse and/or rider and the desired results. 4. DIfferentiate lunge activities based upon training level of the horse or rider. 5. Distinguish between correct and incorrect lungeing techniques. 6. Select appropriate lunge exercises to improve the rider's seat and position. More Info... View Item
    Classical Training
    USDF Training Manual: Classical Training of the Horse. Prerequisite for USDF Instructor Trainer Program Riding Workshop More Info... View Item
    Principles of Teaching
    Teaching fundamentals as well as sample lesson ideas for Dressage. This course is worth .5 credits with a 4 hour estimated completion time. Pre-requisite for Instructor Trainer Teaching Workshops. More Info... View Item
    Principles of Learning for Dressage Instructors
    Basic principles of learning and their application to dressage. More Info... View Item
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